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Some Thoughts About Songs on Bathing in the New Economy

Jan 1

The Dance

There are two interesting things to note about “The Dance” (maybe 3 if you consider that our old friend Morgan Routt played harmonica on the original demo):

  1. The Dance was originally a completely different song that we demoed for the Big Night sessions.  It was called “Career Ender” and poked fun at then-popular acts like Marilyn Manson and No Doubt. We still have that demo somewhere.
  2. We recorded a version of The Dance with alternate verse lyrics about the NCAA tournament, which is sometimes referred to as “the…” Yes, you guessed it. It’s still a dream of mine to replace that totally shitty song, “One Shining Moment”, that CBS uses every year at tournament time. “One Shining Moment” is one shitty song. If anyone has an “in” at CBS or ESPN, let us know. It’s a fun version and it includes a reference to Al Maguire (RIP).

Johanna at the Door

I took Spanish in College, but never would have passed it if it weren’t for the guys that worked in the kitchen at the Black Eyed Pea in Fairfax. Mis amigos de Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua taught me every bit of Spanish that I know, and most of that terrible Spanish is on display in “Johanna at the Door.” This might be the funniest of all emmet songs. My Spanish is terrible. It’s a broken tale of some poor bastard who’s uncaring girlfriend (Johanna) is at the door and going to kick his drunk ass, old school, for no good reason. I can’t help but laugh whenever we do this one.

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