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My First emmet Encounter…

Jan 1

I first met Todd, Erik, and Tamer in October 1993… Temperature: 45 degrees… Location: George Mason University – Rugby Fields – It was a four-band bill of legendary proportions, featuring emmet swimming, Godhead (yes, the goth band signed by Marilyn Manson), Atticus Finch (Shane Hines’ band from his college days which included Luke Michel on bass) and my band called BIOHIO.

Something for everyone I guess, but all I remember was a sea of melancholy goth kids in full regalia sitting in the dirt with their backs to us talking amongst themselves during our entire set. We were freshly graduated from Virginia Tech and trying to establish some fans beyond Blacksburg, VA. We rolled in on a chilly morning to load in our gear and met “the fellas” hanging out under the goal post at the end of the field. I had just read a feature article on these guys in the local music rag, The Northern Virginia Rhythm the night before when we played a gig to no one at The Irish Brigade in Fredericksburg, VA. Both bands enjoyed each other’s sets and vowed to play together again at some point.

Soon after, BIOHIO made the move to the DC area and played some opening slots for ES at local haunts like Planet Nova. We all became fast friends. I started to join ES on stage to sing the “Broken Oar” backup vocal whenever we opened. BIOHIO ended up recording our second album with Marco Delmar, producer of both Dark When the Snow Falls and the independent version of Wake. From then on, all of the bands that I was involved with (The Drowners, Smartbomb) maintained close ties to ES, even putting out our independent releases on Screaming Goddess Records. I even did a couple of stints as a fill-in bass player to cover shows when needed. I remember one in particular at a frat in Charlottesville in a basement with then-fledgling band Carbon Leaf as the opener. Ah, the smell of stale beer, last night’s cigarette butts and a hint of vomit from the freshly-hosed floor drain…

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