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Tamer Eid

Drums, More Cowbell

Tamer Eid
  • Background
    Born September 1969 in Cairo, Egypt
  • Hometown
    Fairfax, VA
  • Gear List
    • Blue Pearl MLX 5-7 piece (Road Warrior)
    • Burnt Orange Baltimore Drums 7-piece custom drums
    • Zildjian cymbals
  • What are the last three songs you downloaded?

  • What was your weirdest fan encounter?

    Crazy Amber at Bluefield College in southern Virginia. She wanted to keep the sweaty towel I used during a 2 hour show and kept smelling it when I gave it to her.

  • What's the best live show you ever attended? Why?

    September 1987 – U2, Joshua Tree Tour at RFK Stadium. Great show, great songs, Bono slipped on the rainy stage but came back out in a sling to finish the show!

  • What was the lamest rock concert tee shirt you ever purchased?

    Rush – Power Windows tour ¾-sleeve baseball shirt. ¾-sleeve shirts are only one step above a mesh shirt.

  • List the first ten songs that come up when you shuffle your iPod.

  • What was the worst job you ever had? Why?

    Every job was the worst, especially because none lasted more than a month. Take your pick – Roy Rogers, Champions, Squire Rockwell's (lasted a year here), Hemingway's, Staples, Continental Federal Bank, Chem Dry, Landscaping. Why? Low pay and annoying people. A better question here would be: What’s the best quit you ever had? Mine was Hemingway's. I worked at this weak restaurant (no longer in existence) for approximately 2 hours. I was "training" to be a waiter and was "shadowing" an experienced waitress to learn the ropes. It didn't take long to realize I already hated this job, especially when the manager yelled at me for not getting food out quickly enough. I told my trainer I had to use the bathroom and never returned…

  • What's your take on where the music industry is headed?

    The biggest thing that major labels ever offered an unsigned band was money to record & national distribution. Unfortunately for the labels, creating a high quality recording can now be done for very little cash and can be done locally. Distribution is no longer an issue thanks to the internet and sites like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc…I think one of the nicest things about this is that bands can now release individual songs based on their merit and not simply to fill up a CD. No more buying an entire CD of crap just to hear 2 good songs.

  • Name one personal attribute you said you would never inherit from your parents that you have given in to.

    My parents were pretty strict growing up and I vowed never to be as strict with my children. However, I find that I'm leaning in this direction though I still think I'm less strict than they were…