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Scott Brotemarkle

Bass Guitar, Vocals

Scott Brotemarkle
  • Background
    Born July 1971 in Philadelphia, PA
  • Hometown
    Springfield, VA
  • Gear List
    • Musicman Stingray
    • Fender Deluxe Precision
    • Fender Jazz ’62 Reissue
    • Eden WT-800
    • Eden 410XLT cabinet
  • What are the last three songs you downloaded?

    I actually went for full albums the last three times:

  • What was your weirdest fan encounter?

    Saw a girl I knew fairly well in high school at an emmet show a few years ago after I had joined the band. I approached her to say hello after the show. She said she hadn’t seen me in the club and asked if I was upstairs. Her friend just started cracking up. Come to think of it, maybe it wasn’t exactly a "fan" encounter…

  • What's the best live show you ever attended? Why?

    In terms of atmosphere and pure energy, Catherine Wheel at the old 9:30 Club location on F Street somewhere around 1995. In terms of excitement to hear what they would play next, Pixies at Constitutional Hall in 2004. Failure at 9:30 Club in 1998 would be a close second. Best small club show, Frank Black and the Catholics at some random club in Tempe AZ. For musician appreciation, Elvis Costello and the Attractions (with Steve Nieve on keys) from the lawn at Wolf Trap.

  • What was the lamest rock concert tee shirt you ever purchased?

    Definitely the 1986 Genesis Invisible Touch tour. I think I wrote Genesis Rulz on my Trapper Keeper the next day in Algebra II class while wearing the shirt. Double lame!

  • List the first ten songs that come up when you shuffle your iPod.

  • What was the worst job you ever had? Why?

    Summer 1991 – Worked a job through an industrial temp agency with some friends. The first job was picking up about 5000 folding chairs from a graduation ceremony at American University. Scotty forgot his sunblock (my pasty white complexion + scorching sun + brick underfoot) and got the worst sunburn of my life. My buddies called me "Scotty Lobster" for the rest of the summer. The second assignment was at the Fairfax County Recycling Plant in Lorton, picking the metallic trash off of a conveyor belt that didn’t burn in the incinerator. This one required a helmet, earplugs, safety glasses and steel-toed boots. I never graduated to Bobcat driver like one of my buddies so they "let me go."

  • What's your take on where the music industry is headed?

    I see two distinct camps developing – the traditional major labels will continue with their contrived artist cultivation through channels like American Idol and The Disney Channel and sadly continue hooking fans that just enjoy running with the pack at the water cooler or at snack time. The second and growing contingent is the technology- and social/viral marketing-empowered working musicians/bands that develop themselves and can't be ignored by the "music conscious." Major labels traditionally had control over three key areas due to the large resources it required in terms of influence and cash: quality production of music and videos (top-quality facilities and name producers cost $), distribution channels (store shelves), and the airwaves (radio and TV). Big labels have been marginalized in all three areas by advancements in digital recording technology (cheaper and DIY-capable), internet distribution and viral marketing (iTunes, social networks and YouTube), and the decline of radio/TV as the "be all, end all" method of connecting with an audience. All I have to say is…me likey!

  • Name one personal attribute you said you would never inherit from your parents that you have given in to.

    My mother always used to obsess over making perfectly parallel lines in the carpet when she vacuumed and made my brother and I do the same when we were helping her. I used to think it was silly and felt like it had no impact on making the carpets any cleaner. Now my wife looks at me funny when I go through the painstaking process of re-vacuuming an area just to achieve those same lines.