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Erik Wenberg

Guitar, Vocals

Erik Wenberg
  • Background
    Born July 22, 1968 in Falls Church, VA
  • Hometown
    Burke, VA
  • Gear List

    Too many guitars to list – favorites are a 90's American Standard Strat and a Gibson ES 335.  Vox AC 15 amp and more effects pedals than I really need.

  • What are the last three songs you downloaded?

    I guess I'm kind of old school.  I usually still download entire albums.  The last three were:

  • What was your weirdest fan encounter?

    We played a frat party one time where some guy asked me if he could come up on stage and sing.  I politely (I swear) said something to the effect that it's not usually a good idea.  I've had people ask me that before, but this guy wouldn't let it go.  He kept asking and asking.  So finally I had to just get a little mean and say NO!  Then the guy got really pissed off and had to be dragged away by his fraternity brothers.

  • What's the best live show you ever attended? Why?

    I saw Pearl Jam and Neil Young at DAR Constitution Hall.  I like both artists but I can't say I'm a huge fan - at least I wasn't before that show.  I've never seen any bands before or since that impressed me the way they did.  Pearl Jam was so great I just sat there and stared.  And then Neil Young came on and was even better.  Hands down the two best bands I've ever seen.

  • What was the lamest rock concert tee shirt you ever purchased?

    I don't buy too many shirts, mostly because I think a lot of them are lame.

  • List the first ten songs that come up when you shuffle your iPod.

  • What was the worst job you ever had? Why?

    This is going to sound ridiculous...but I've liked all the jobs I've had.  There have been plenty of less than stellar moments but I don't have any that I would consider horrible.  Yes, that does sound ridiculous.  I should have made something up...

  • What's your take on where the music industry is headed?

    I'm the last person who should try to answer that question.  I have no idea.  I think technology has been a great influence on the industry.  I don't approve of people being able to steal music, but being able to download music directly has really taken a lot of power away from the record labels, which is a good thing.

  • Name one personal attribute you said you would never inherit from your parents that you have given in to.

    When I was a kid I was always embarrassed whenever my parents would complain in a store or a restaurant.  It didn't happen that often but I swore I would never do that.  Now I'm exactly the same way.  Nothing irritates me more than getting lousy service or being treated like dirt by some jackass.  But if it's in a restaurant, I don't complain until AFTER I get my food...